Your H&Co Experience Starts Now. It ends with your business & brand sharing fresh, insightful media with your longtime customers and new prospects. We walk you through the entire process assisting you and your staff in planning for the occassion.

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Photography is a tool to share your story. When customers visit your website, social media, or see your ads they need to know that you are the kind of business that they want to join. Show your hardwork and dedication. Hire H&Co to share your story.

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We create beautiful photos to market and build your business through headshot, social media, website, and product photography.

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Customers want to meet your team. At the end of the day, your employees are the heart and soul of what you do. Your potential customers will be happy and at ease knowing that they can relate to your team.


Go Beyond Introducing Your Staff; Share Your Personality. Often times companies need to go beyond a staff introduction and capture a culture. H&Co accomplishes this creatively by incorporating environments that communicate beyond typical work spaces. We use these environments to bring additional layers of engagement, elevating your company and your brand.

Developing your brand is an essential step to your success and growth. Photos offer the world a window into your business, brand, services, and you. Generic stock photos will never tell your story like the faces of those people personally invested in your business and in your customers. Set your brand apart with professional branding packages.

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Hiring More Than A Photographer.
H&Co is a media production company. We go beyond photography by walking our clients through an active process from beginning to end. You and your staff will appreciate the guidance of an experienced corporate & brand photography company. We will help you create media that transcends a photoshoot and properly shares your brand and story with clients and prospects.

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H&Co is a modern photography business founded by a successful businesswoman, Karen Morneau. Karen not only brings her knowledge of photography to her clients but also her extensive business experience. With a degree in business and marketing she has a keen sense for what is needed to make a business successful through brand strategies as well as impactful photography. She and her team are here to help you every step of the way and building your Brand and photography needs.

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H&Co was the right choice for our brand. Karen walked us through the process well in advance. We are proud of our team and excited about our new website and marketing materials that allow us to showcase our talent. Thank you, Karen!

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